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Boilers vs Heat Pumps

I hear this alot "boilers will be obselete

in 15 years " usually from someone with absolutely zero expertise.

I'm not knocking the heat pump but for 90% of people who will not qualify for a grant or who don't have 50k plus lying around to insulate and make air tight every room in the house ,it's practically a non runner. Are they a good option YES but for me only if your in a new build or if you fancy helping the government along the fuel cutting journey and dont mind using your hard earned cash .

For all other homes that need a little more heat and some energy savings,A boiler upgrade is the way to go ,20 -30% more fuel efficiency, tie in thermostatic rad valves and possibly a hive control and your doing it for a much more cost effective way .

Plus you didnt have to tear your house up while your at it .

When to look at replacing? Plus ten years or before if it's having alot of problems sometimes its just cheaper that way .

The long and short of it is I don't see boilers just dissapearing anytime soon ,not without drastic and I mean drastic investment by the government.

Whichever you opt for ,we can help along the way !

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