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Cut your GAS bills!

So with so much going on with gas and electricity prices I wanted to post some information about the best ways to make gas savings! And I am not going to say put a jumper on, so read on and let me know if we can help in any way.


If you don't have one get one. There are variations on the market but honestly the most tried and tested are the HIVE and the NEST. Not much difference between the two other than the visual. If your house is hooked up to mostly Alexa I would go with the HIVE because it syncs in with it, and vice versa if your house is a hey google type then go for the nest. These are the best-selling digital ones and most accurate.

Along with getting the thermostat, you want it set up correctly in the right room/rooms of the house.

Use the thermostat too, a lot of people are so used to the boost button on the heating it takes a while to get used to it (you will see the difference in your bill!) I can't tell you how many times people say it's coming on during the day, don't panic it's supposed to do that. The thermostat saves money by keeping the house at the temperature you choose {we recommend between 18-20}. Instead of having to heat the house for 2-3 hours from cold the thermostat keeps it at temp by coming on for a couple minutes at a time


Make sure your boiler is running as it should, make sure it's safe. Servicing can help keep it efficient but it's an opportunity to spot any problems. If you have a newer boiler fitted, great but make sure its serviced. If anything goes while under warranty you will be covered, they will want to see the Cert, so they know it has been serviced. Fans and circuit boards can be expensive so book it in. (using a registered gas installer)


If you have a problem with the radiators not heating well or cold spots, you're going to be using the boiler a lot more because you're not getting the heat you should be getting. A system flush is brilliant for solving this problem. It usually takes between 3 and 4 hours but well worth doing. For more info get in touch, prices start at 400 but it all depends on how many radiators and sizes


I left this one until last because obviously we want to repair or resolve the problem, if possible, but if its old and costing you money, add in breakdowns, call out charges and parts, sometimes it's better to scrap it and go for a new one

High efficiency boilers offer great savings between 20 -30 %. Reliability and to be fair peace of mind. With warranties ranging from 7 -12 years, you can take your pick. Price always depends on a lot of variables, rad size, where existing boiler is, whether you want a combi boiler, boiler being moved.

Hope these few tips were helpful

If all else fails get the woolly jumper out

For more info contact

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