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House Leaks!Do you know what to do

So over the last year I have been to 3 extreme house leaks{not our work by the way}

The worst one being a new build actually in the estate we live in! They rang me and I was only over the road so got there in a couple of minutes ..but this was the hose from the pump that burst ,pumping 13 litres per minute onto the floor and down the stairs .Everything needed to be replaced, new carpets floors ,all ceilings and walls needed re-plastering . I arrived turned the water of and advised them what to do{in this case it was a manufacturers fault so luckily it was covered under warranty} .

I just taught afterwards not everyone would know where the valve is, and why would they.

So with that in mind I'm gonna do a video to show you where it is and what to do. This really is simple ,its just a matter of knowing where it is. Hopefully you wont ever need it but is useful to know.

These things do happen, and for many reasons including faulty products, old pipes, corrosion! But that's for another post.

Hope this is helpful. First video post ... Spielberg watch out ;]

Download ZIP • 12.16MB

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